About Us


About Us

TheBBoyBallet is the unification of dance in its entirety. We strive to portray dance in its full form without any inhibitions. We focuse on site-specific works to enforce the notion that dance is everywhere. With each engagement, TheBBoyBallet work to challenge preconceived notions of dance, offering audiences an opportunity to broaden their interpretation of movement as a raw form of expression.



TheBBoyBallet was founded upon a shared passion for collaborative modern dance forms. Our vision is to create, perform, and teach movement that is physically inventive, emotionally dynamic, and inspiring to people of all ages and backgrounds. Inclusion is central to the mission of the company. We seek to promote dance through performances, workshops, and local residencies within our communities.



By going “Beyond the Juxtaposition” with our work, TheBBoyBallet strives to make diverse movement more prominent within society. The company seek opportunities that provide substantial growth for all ages and abilities. We aim to spread this concept in such a way that it will inspire individuals to challenge the barriers within themselves and others, creating a more connected community one by one.